Your Personal Web4Tradesmen Team

Your Web4Tradesmen team includes the geekiest geeks to build your website, making it perform to the max, the sharpest creative minds to feed brilliant ideas and the friendliest support team to provide you with a top class service, all lead by Clive and Carol Hannis, a couple with over 30 years experience in marketing businesses just like yours.

<span style="color: rgb(250, 180, 20);">CLIVE</span>


Clive is your marketing magician and loves nothing better than working closely with business owners on bringing great ideas to reality.
<span style="color: rgb(250, 180, 20);">CAROL</span>
Project Manager


Carol, married to Clive is the obvious better half to the operation. Keeping your Web4Tradesmen project on track and you in the loop.
<span style="color: rgb(250, 180, 20);">DAVE</span>
Web Developer


Dave is your computer geek. A whizz kid on the web and knows everything there is to know about what makes websites tick. (We even let him see daylight now and again!)
<span style="color: rgb(250, 180, 20);">JOSH</span>
Website Design


Our resident genius Josh is at the hub of all happening at Web4Tradesmen. He also makes a mean Cappuccino!
<span style="color: rgb(250, 180, 20);">SARAH</span>
Office Administrator


You'll find Sarah beavering away at her screen looking after our customers and being on hand for our Web4Tradesmen administration.
<span style="color: rgb(250, 180, 20);">MONICA</span>
Admin/Social Media


Monica will look after all your social media needs, making your business fly on Twitter and shine on Facebook! Monica is also known as the Hot Chocolate Queen!
<span style="color: rgb(250, 180, 20);">SIMON</span>


Simon is your Copywriter, he's a wizard when it comes to words. From your company bio to your service offering, once he's cast his wordsmith spell, your customers will be bewitched into calling you. Plus for relaxation, he's in a heavy rock band.
<span style="color: rgb(250, 180, 20);">ADAM</span>


Adam is your Videographer, turning any piece of footage into a well thought out video with all the right info for a thrilling movie to showcase just what your company is all about. Quentin Tarantino watch out!
<span style="color: rgb(250, 180, 20);">PAUL</span>


Paul is here to take the perfect shot, as your photographer. He'll make sure we have all the photos we need to make you and your business look great.


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